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My Partner Lives in My Phone (2022)

Selected as part of Netflix's new comedy fund, we were granted $20,000 to make a short film about love and the internet.

Synopsis: Struggling in a long distance relationship, a couple make a last attempt to find intimacy over the internet.

Directed by Hugh Clegg & Lily Ahree Siegel 
DoP Linda Wu 
Camera Assistant Bernat Bonaventura
Production Design Sehar Kidwai
Production Manager Caoimhe Sheehan
Line Producer Jennifer Crystal Chien
Location sound Guldem Masa

Editor Jon Crook
Colour: Esther Woodbridge
Sound Design: Guldem Masa
Composer: Hannah Barnett & Noah Margalit
Graphics: Emma Beinish 

Exec produced: Shane Boris & Sarafina Defelice

Screenshot 2023-12-11 at 19.29_edited.jpg
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